An overview of our technology

At the core of NanoSyrinx is an extremely versatile and elegant natural drug delivery system which delivers payloads directly to the cytosol of targeted cells. We are using synthetic biology approaches to engineer this platform, with the aim of unlocking the vast array of intracellular therapeutic targets which are currently undruggable using biologic drugs.

A Novel Genetic Platform

NanoSyrinx is built around an entirely genetically encoded drug delivery system, making use of naturally occurring ‘nanosyringes’. By engineering the upstream genetics, an entire drug delivery vehicle can be produced – loaded and ready for use – using a simple bacterial fermentation step. No clumsy conjugations, no optimisation of conditions; a simple bacterial fermentation process yielding ready-to-go material. It’s as simple as that.

NanoSyrinx’s proprietary platform utilises a core suite of genes, encoding the syringe ‘chassis’, the biological payloads and cell targeting domains which, when expressed, self-assemble in a single step to produce fully formed nanosyringes.

Nanosyringes can be engineered to deliver a wide range of protein and peptide payloads – representing a diverse array of biological functions – in a targeted way. We are developing the technology as a completely new therapeutic modality, opening up an entirely new range of intracellular targets and enabling the development of safe and effective treatments addressing a wide range of medical unmet needs.