Delivering the future of intracellular medicine

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Biological delivery, biologically

NanoSyrinx is a discovery stage synthetic biology company creating a next-generation platform technology for the targeted intracellular delivery of biological molecules. Most drugs do not traverse the body well, limiting their effectiveness. This is an even greater problem for biologic drugs, such as antibodies and peptides; and consequently new delivery modalities are sorely needed.

We are on a mission to fundamentally revolutionise how medicines are administered – on a nanoscopic scale.

Building on over a decade of fundamental research, our scientists are harnessing the unique properties of Nature’s own elegant solution to the intracellular bioavailability problem.

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NanoSyrinx highlighted in Cell Trends

Our CEO Joe Healey was recently invited to write a piece for Cell Trends’ “Industry Highlights”, which is now available online here. These articles offer short reads about up and coming companies and technologies that are making waves in the industry. NanoSyrinx is delighted to have had the opportunity to tell our story. The article […]

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NanoSyrinx CEO Joe Healey appointed to DSIT’s Engineering Biology Steering Group

In 2023, the UK Government published the “National Vision for Engineering Biology”. The report highlighted the ambitions of the UK to be a world leader in the Engineering Biology (a.k.a. Synthetic Biology) sector, and described how £2BN would be put to work over the next decade, cementing the UK’s position at the front of the […]

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NanoSyrinx at Number 10

Our CEO Joe Healey was invited to Number 10 this week, to discuss the future of Engineering Biology in the UK as part of a networking and investment breakfast. Synthetic biology or “Engineering Biology” has been highlighted as one of the five key technology areas for the UK’s future economy. Understanding how best to incubate, […]

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NanoSyrinx is growing fast and we are seeking talented and ambitious individuals with a range of skills to join us on our journey.